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"So they call us freaks--who cares?
Today I'm proud to be a freak."



    8/5/03: Much later than intended, but Ben's bio is up. And while not an actual bio, there is an interesting tidbit from Pooh_Bah regarding Tinga in the bio section.

    1/21/03: All X5s now have pictures up, as do Annie (see Joshua) and Arctic. Ben's bio written and to be posted soon.

    1/13/03: Alec and Joshua bios up. Correction made to Arctic bio (Mole, not Mule). Began restructuring of "X-freaks and Specialized" section.

    1/7/03: Long time no update. More X5 pics up, including the season 1 transgens. More bios should be up. . . well, eventually: they are a _pain_ to write. X5 and Breeding Cult links fixed.


    Want to contribute something to the site? No problem! So long as it concerns the transgenics (season one or two), Manticore or the breeding cult, I'll take a look at it. Want to list the plot threads left hanging in season two? Want to make one last arguement for why Asha should have been Jondy? Want to provide an in-depth character analysis of your favourite X-5? Express your opinions as to who was the most effective villain? Want to correct some mistake I've made? You get the idea.

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    Inspiration arises from Pooh_Bah's Subhuman, Superhuman information page on the season 1 transgenics, and from the nifty folk on X-5 mailing list.

    Dark Angel, however, belongs to James Cameron, Charles Eglee, FOX, and various other people who have nothing to do with this site.


Please note, a * means that the character's name is not canon. It is either one used by fans in discussions on the x-5 mailing list or a physical description.

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    The Max-Joshua Relationship by The Inimitable Pooh_Bah.
    Pooh_Bah examins the darker aspect of Max and Joshua's relationship.

    No Easy Solutions by Northlight.
    Why Max's solution to Zack's problem in _Some Assembly Required_ was an exceptionally bad one.