The temptations reunion



TTall, Tan, Tantalizing, and Temptin' us once again.

In the ochestra seats, instamatic flashes illuminate black celebrities like Jim Brown and Marlon Jackson who have come to bear witness......LADIES AND GENTELMEN ...SEVEN OF THEM..."The rubbed mahogany voice of the deejay Frankie Crocker cuts through the anxious din: "THE TANTALIZIN' TEMPTATIONS.

Huge risers lift a yellow checker taxicab up through the stage floor. All the Tempts are perched on it, in black tux, of course. It is one of those freeze-frame moments when it's enough for them just to stand there and be the Temptations, so sharp, so sub-zero cool your eyeballs feel the draft.

They are moving now, bouncing down twin ramps, hitting the stage at exactly the same second, lighting into a flurry of dips and spins, easing, elbows bent, into the trademark Temptations' walk. Up front, big Jim Brown is on his feet cheering.

From Gerri Hirshey's "Nowhere To Run"


Paul Williams helped to create the Temptation's legacy and during the reunion they paid tribute to him.

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