temptation alley
temptation alley
a place for crystal and heather to chronical their adventures at our local watering hole, the back alley...
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crystal (left) & heather (right). yeppers.
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so what exactly IS the back alley, you ask? well - the back alley is a bar (not CLUB, thanks) here in Calgary. we have been going there for years (heather's first time was the day after her 18th birthday, crystal's first time was shortly after she moved here from Golden, BC). we like this bar for several reasons:
a) you can wear whatever you damn well please and nobody seems to give a rat's ass. this usually means t-shirts and skateshoes. and pants too.......sometimes.
b)they play a great selection of music. for a strange reason, we both seem to know the line up...which proves quite funny when you're drunk and say "hey, i bet the next song will be........."
c) the people for the most part are pretty cool. we've met a boatload  of people (which we'll get into later) who never cease to amaze us with their wit and drinking skills.
d) they have drink specials until 10pm. this actually = trouble, but we always seem to make it there for just before ten and stock pile our sauce (for heather it's
vodka and for crystal it's b-e-e-r.) one night of fond memories, i remember crystal and i were running late so instead of eating dinner (hey, we couldn't miss drink specials) we ate 2 doritos each and started our night. strangely enough however, that's about all i remember from that night.....
where are we?
well...if you're not dumb as a post,  you'll realize that we're probably at the back alley silly. however, seeing a picture of the back alley during the day scares the pants off me. the only time we see it in daylight is to pick up my car the next day
(*cue creepy music*)
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