A History Of Recordings

he Intruders first really big top 20 hit was "We'll Be United”, on the Gamble Label. Many believed this was the beginning of "The Sound Of Philadelphia (TSOP)".
1966 saw The Intruders record their top 30 hit "Devil With An Angel's Smile", again on the Gamble Label.

"Together" was the groups first top 1O hit. It came in the spring of 1967. "Together" would later be re-recorded by a Latin group from Los Angeles called “Tierra”.
Tierra's version hit the top IO R&B chart in 1980 on the Boardwalk Label.

The hits kept coming in 1967 for the Intruders with "Baby I'm So Lonely" and "A Love That's Real" (Gamble).

1968 saw the Intruders release what would be their biggest hit "Cowboys To Girls”, topping the R&B charts and also the Pop Top 10 chart. This was soon followed by "Love Is Like A Baseball Game",
which hit top 30 on the Pop and top 10 on the R&B charts. As 1968 came to an end, the Intruders released "Slow Drag”, closing '68 with yet another moderate hit.

1969 saw the Intruders hit the charts 5 times. Starting with "Give Her A Transplant”, then "Me Tarzan, You Jane", followed by "Lollipop", "Sad Girl" and "Old Love". (All on the Gamble Label)

1970 was no idle year for the Intruders. Their top 30 R&B charted release "Tender" would arrive early that year. In the spring of this year, they would release a remake of "When We Get Married". This rendition reached top 10 on the R&B charts (An original top I0 hit in 1961 by The Dream Lovers). The end of this year would bring the top 30 R&B single “This Is My Love Song” (Gamble).

1971 saw hits still coming from the Intruders. They were “I’m Girl Scoutin", “Pray For Me” (top 30) and "Bet He Don't Love You”, which closed out the year in the top 20.

1972 held the recording "Win, Place Or Show (She's A Winner)".

1973 released two top 10 hits. "I'll Always Love My Mama” stayed on the Pop charts for a few years, and to this day still sells around Mother's Day. It was also the Intruders first international hit, being the first to hit the charts in another country. The song charted in England. The second charter in "73 was "I Wanna Know Your Name" (This would be the last release on the Gamble Label).

Now, on the TSOP Label, the Intruders had two more charted singles, with "How Can A Nice Girl Like You" in 1974, and a remake of The Carpenters hit “Rainy Days And Mondays" in 1975.

For these and many more love songs,

The Intruders

will always be remembered as

The Heart Of

“The Sound Of Philadelphia”

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