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Welcome to our Homepage and Website
Hello there, my name is Peet Singleton. I am 20yrs old, a student living in lovely crewe, just outside of nowhere. I am now in my second year of a (BA) Contemporary Arts degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.
My aims are to keep an up to date diary of events in my everyday life, drunken antics and any strange happenings that may occur as a result of living with that monster upstairs.
Please feel free to sign our guestbook and let us know what you think, and often what we should do.
Hi there. My name is Rosie O' Leary. I am 19 years of age, i am also a student who lives in Crewe with Peet. Though I am not the upstairs monster he speaks of, I am simply known as the Hash Lady. I am sweet and fragile, but if you cross the hash lady you'll be sure to be paid a visit by Fat Sam!!
I am in my second year of  my degree (BA) Philosophy and Writing. I dont think that I will learn too much in the acedemic environment as I've already learned all I need to know on the streets.
I too intend to document my activities on this website.