Welcome to my Homepage.
This page is all about my Car
It is a 2001 honda Civic Si.

I got my car in March 2002, since then I have added The rear spoiler, and the windows have been tinted.
Also I have added a little bit of a sound system which consits of two subwoofers and a 600 watt amp. In the future I want to upgrade this system and get new subs and another amp, and a custom sub inclosure.

For the exterior aperance it is pretty plain for right now but once I get enough money I will be putting on a body kit. It is the S-OT style body kit from AFS motor sports...

...and also a new set of Rims from VELOX to replace the stock rims.

After that im going to install a new exhaust system for more horsepower, The System is from OBXracingsports.

For Christmas this year I got euro tails for my car which add a little more apperance to the exterior.

I want to add indiglo guages for when i drive at night to give it a little bit of light inside the car.

For the engine, I can't do any modifications just yet due to the warranty that is still on the car, all I can do is make it look a little better by giving it some color with new hoses.


Also i want to add a Nitrous Express stage one EFI kit...

There is also Two other cars in the works which are my sisters 2000 Toyota Celica, she's still not sure what she wants to get for her car but whatever she gets it will look awesome. There is also my Cousins 2001 honda civic, exactly like mine but his is a yellow color.

This is a sign that i'm going to put in my car for all of the passengers to read

This is all for my website I hope you liked it

Brandon Leuenberger

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