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Welcome to the new and improved Smoogle! If you've stumbled upon this you may notice that it is no longer a paroady of Google. It's more like a site that I use that helps me navigate to my current fixations. So... Ya...That's about it for information.
If you're reading this part I'll let you know I'm only writing it because I like the looks of it better when there's text down here. I don;t know why, it just makes me feel better. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, unless I'm feeling lazy. If you don;t like that space over to the right then too bad. Ummmmmm....THIIIIIIS IIISSSSSSS TOOOO FILLLLL UP SPAAAAACE! RAGHHRHGRGHRGGHGHRHRHRHHRGRHGRGR!!!
Hockey News
In hockey today some guy said "click the link stupid". this caused much outrage in the "It's the title, retard" region. In response to this they have said "This is fake, click the link for the real deal". This confused and angered ctizens of "why are you still reading this?" and "This is just so I can insult you." More on this later...