Tundra is a very impressive 100lb.
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We hadn't really thought about breeding or entering into shows of any kind, but we have been so incredibly blessed with our girl, Tundra, that we have decided to do both. I am currently training our three year old male and female to pull and will eventually enter them into weight pulling competitions.
we do comprehensive obedience training
at a very young age . It is important  in this breed to have good obedience training because  they have high prey and protection  instincts. 

STEP 1 First thing we did was to have a vet check-up for Tundra. Step 3 Then we order a custom fitted pulling harness. (It is very important to have a well fitting pull harness. An ill fitting harness can cause serious  injuries.)
Step 2 We previously obedience trained Tundra. remember she's three years old. (If we hadn't we would have started with simple Step 2  obedience training.) Step 4 We introduced her to the harness. She was ok with it so we put it on her.(If she wasn't we would have waited till she was ok with it. It is important to not rush your dog.)Step 5 Then we have her stay then calling her to us. (no weight just the harness)We  are trying to make all training fun so, between bouts of training we play with her, while she wears the harness, to just get her use to her harness and to get her to associating the harness with play. (You want your dog to want to pull not have to.)
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