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Hello! I'm Sarah.

Welcome to my Disney's BLACK CAULDRON page! Many people do not know about this wonderful Disney movie. I hope that my page will teach you about this movie, and hopefully you'll learn to love it. If you are a seasoned CAULDRON fan, I hope that I have some information that is new for you.
THE BLACK CAULDRON is Disney's 25th animated feature. More than 10 years in the making and budgeted at $25 million dollars, the most expensive movie to date. It is a fantasy epic based on Lloyd Alexander's books, "The Chronicles of Prydain".

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What's New?: April 14th, 2008: Wow, thank you to all you TBC fans out there who continue to write me. It's a pleasure to hear from you. After numerous requests from you all to try and recover he lost image of the cut scene, I dug into my paper archives and found a print out of the image. So check out the Things You Never Knew... page to see the restored image and a YouTube video that also has some missing pieces of the cut scene. I also updated my artwork link in the update below to my blog.

Thanks again for all the TBC love! May 6th, 2004 Hello all! Making a quick update so Geocities doesn't scap this whole thing. That would be bad!!! I am now a Junior at the Rhode Island School of Design, so things are pretty busy and going to get busier. I post artwork online pretty regularly HERE if you are at all interested. But my heart is still with Black Cauldron. I bought my first production cel the other day too! Wheee! I can't wait to get home and hang it on my wall. I hope you all still enjoy my Black Cauldron page. May it live forever. Or at least a very long time. :)

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