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Yes, this is the home page of Shannon McCracken, a self confessed die-hard computer geek.

Disclaimer: I am not a 'professional' web-designer. I simply hack computers and do stuff for a living. This was hand written in emacs and other such tools, so the HTML isn't as flash as it could be. There could also be micstakes. There might eventually be content and/or a better style.. But then what do these so-called professionals know anyway? XHTML rocks my world baby. But I'm getting lazy and this has less XHTML and more dodgey HTML.

Hmm. CSS files seem to be behaving closer to how I believe they're supposed to behave. We shall see how this pans out.

Links To Big Sites

This pretty much tells you a bit about me, doesn't it?


You can wack this link for a collection of rants and other scribblings. There is quite a list there-something of a "spicy mixture". There is everything from mundane desciptions of my day through to me exploring the meaning of life, the universe and everything. With a generous helping of typical guy-pining-for-a-girl stuff in it too.

This is actually probably up to date - probably no more than 48 to 72 hours old at the most, and frequently less. Take a lookie.

Who the what the

Shannon is a geek. He works in the I.T. industry, doing everything from delivering laser toner through to the design and implementation of a project management system. He also causes generalised stupidity in the department. He knows various acronymouns.

Shannon has a B.Sc(Hons) (first class...) & a B.Com from the University of Auckland. Majoring in Computer Science and Accounting, so he should know an awful lot about buliding accounting systems. He doesn't. But don't tell my boss that. Please.

He speaks english, java, visual basic, and ansi c. He can understand prolog, lisp and haskell, if he thinks about it hard enough. He thinks, however, that perl is line noise. He also knows a little bit of spanish, which he learnt many years ago.

He lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand where's he's spent almost all of the last 23 years.

Have you got the right Shannon? Would you recognise me if you saw me? Do I know you?. Well, he's been to a few educational institutions in his time. Blockhouse Bay Primary School, Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School, Lynfield College (form three), Hebron Christian College (form four and five), and finished his secondary school career with six and seventh form at Avondale College. If you're someone from my history, I'd love to hear from you.

He was born on february 22, 1978. That was 23 or more years ago. Exactly 23 years ago as he is writing this. He is currently single, however he's getting the distinct impression that's not a good thing. (are there any cute single females out there?... No? Thought not... Drat.) This is some random text so you don't notice the previous bit sticking out so easily.

He's a bit of a sentimental fool, really. Definatly, the fool part. Known to wierd all though school, this stayed with him until about 1999. He hasn't been on many dates. Number of situations when it's been just shannon & a girl? Oh... four? Counting one movies; lunch; dinner and a trip to the royal easter show that doesn't count. So three then. All of this is recorded in the murky depths of my journal.

Okay, things are improving now, trust me, I'm actually starting to loose count. But it's not an outrageously high number. [Introspectivly stares into space.]

Wierd Links

This is a collection of links to people I know. If I know you, and you want to be here, then tell me. You'll probably allready know a reliable way of emailing me to tell me..

Actually Interesting Stuff


These are important to my job, and I Know What They Mean.

Actually, there's hundreds, to save you all from revolting, I'll stop it right there.



Recent discoveries include the Secret Of Floatation. Or, how to get simily faces floating to the right hand side. I am going to be using this a lot more, because I like smilely faces. Okay, it might be a bit odd for those of you missing the wingdings font, but hey.. sorry! And, no, it's not a gif.

I got the CSS right! Look!. Yeah, well, ever since I've been messing around with the w3's tidy program, that can't be guarenteed. We'll see.

You can Sign Guestbook and View Guestbook if you like. Actually, pleeese scribble / engrave / encode / append to / enter in the guestbook thingie, as I would love to know if anyone anywhere has actually read this.

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Like most web pages on the net, here is the standard cheesy counter. Counter Yes, well, I thought it might be of some use.

naked chicken And this is a chick. Naked. It was added here by popular demand. Literally A whole person wanted to see a naked chick, so here you go. Don't get too offended. This just goes to show the lengths I will go to to pacificy my audience.

Apparently 40% of all people who attend your parties snoop into the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. But I don't think that applies to me. I don't have a bathroom. Uum.. I don't have parties.. Or at least I don't have people. I don't have something.. That's for certain.

Complaints? Complements? General web-lint? email to tenbaset at live journal dot com. (General web lint complaints wanted - it's the only way I knew that the "backlink" on the art page didn't work, for example.) Yeah, I'm paranoid about spammers, so that's why I've "spelt" out my email address. There are no spaces in my email.

Visit my journal!� And if that's not interesting enough, (more than likely) visit my friends page on my journal, which is full of fasinating characters .