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Magna Carta: Tears of Blood to come on PS2?
The RPG why everyone wanted to turn japanese for is coming north america. And not a TBA like we always see, but a real fixed date. It's coming to our stores for the
11/14/2005 ( from EBGames ). So be happy... and wait.
Beginning August 28, 2005, Mountain Dew (Pepsiís intense citrus soft drink) and Xbox will select a winner of an Xbox 360 console every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for nine weeks straight.

To play, consumers will collect codes found under the caps of Mountain Dew and other participating Pepsi products and enter codes in a personal online account at Participants will be able to choose which 10-minute drawing to enter and can then spread codes across different drawings or stockpile codes and put them all toward one drawing. In addition, codes entered will automatically earn the participants points toward obtaining collectible merchandise and gear.
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