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galleriesTenchi galleries Tokimibadass

ahh Tokimi, she hasn't even been in the series for 10 min.

but she's already one of my favorites!

picsMe ^_^x
KenshinpageKenshin page

as of 1-24-01



The Tenchi Muyo! 3rd OAV is confirmed! Kajishima will be working on it and he has made some interesting coments about it. You can check out the interview here I cant wait, although some of his comments make me wonder if the series will get too serious

- UPDATE!!! I finaly got rid of the Darkstalkers gallery and put up some pictures of me ^_^x so if you want to take a look at the stud bucket that owns this site take a peek. I also got rid of the B-round music

What is Tenchi Muyo! ?

Well, if you dont know the answer to that question then you might be on the wrong page! But no worries, ill sum it up in a few words: Tenchi Muyo! is a kick ass anime series that is spread across 3 movies, 2 TV series,2 OAV's, a manga series, and some novels and cd drammas. It's what actualy got me into anime in the first place and is now my favorite series. (change! Rurouni Kenshin is now my favorite series, but i still have a special place in my heart for Tenchi) The only problem with Tenchi lately is that the writers seem to be on crack. Anyone who's seen Shin Tenchi Muyo! can vouch for that. lets just hope they pull their heads out of there asses when they make the third movie! Tenchi Muyo in Love 2; "a far and away feeling" (note: they didn't)

My personal favorite characters are Mayuka and Tokimi! i also dig Kiyone. Of course these are relativly minor characters. Most people love Ryoko or Ayeka ;)

'Whats anime' you ask? well if you have to ask that then you definatly stumbled onto the wrong page, but again, no worries. You can pick up some cool Tenchi pics or some killer Darkstalker ones. Either way this site is just something i'm making to show my love of anime so kick back and enjoy!

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Legal junkTenchi Muyo! is of Pioneer/AIC international. This site is just a fan site containing images and such of the show, I do not work at pioneer or AIC and the show is not mine so please dont talk to me like it is (for all you CN people out there. Ive gotten several people thinking i was the guy who made Tenchi Muyo! =P)