This section talks about Bulma & Vegeta's name, age, etc, etc.
Pics galore!!!!  It may be one page, but there are sure a lot o' pics.  This page takes a few minutes to load.
~Bulma's Hairstyles~
The history of Bulma's hair.  Not all are currently here, but I'll keep searchin'.
Simply talks about Bulma & Vegeta's family.  And the one they formed.  Along with some pictures.
The 411 on their relationship.  Include some pics.
~Animated Gifs~
Those of you who don't know what gifs are, they're basically moving pics.  Check 'em out they're pretty cool.
Love to draw?  Post your artwork here.  But read the rules first.  the rules are under my fanart.  gaze at the pleasure of my art and get jealous.  Lol, jk.  N E ways, Enjoy the fanart contest also.