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Tenderfoot Music
Welcome to all Midi Muscians
Have you ever had Midi Files that are in the wrong key? or after you have bought them find that they have a melody line playing that you don't want? or perhaps a friend has had a go at transposing them for you and some of the instruments sound like some one is being strangled in the background, so you can't use them.

Most big firms that sell midi's don't want to know when it comes to transposing to a key that you want, they do the file in the original key, which is either to high or to low.

Here at Tenderfoot Music we can change all that because we take care of the small detail that the big firms can't be bothered with.

For a very reasonable price we can transpose to the key you want and even transfer from floppy to mini disk.

All files are done in XG, GS, and GM. NOW IN MP3 FORMAT
some samples are on page 3
Dust off your old files and give us a try.  The email address is at the bottom of the page
To hear the background trak, if you have a midi keyboard, switch it on. The file is in XG format
All these files are in XG format
please feel free to download and try
Dady's Hands.mid
Badly Bent.mid
Teenage Wedding.mid
OK from Muscogee
DownDown.mid (Quo)
Impress me Much.mid (Twain)
CALLME.Mid Raymond Frogat
Spirit in the Sky.Mid
If Tomorrow Never Comes.Mid Ronan Keating
Feels Like Heaven.Mid Fiction Factory
Moonshadow.mid Mike Oldfield
California Dreamin'
Getcha Good.Mid Twain
Cry Again  Raymond Froggatt
Just Another Nite  Raymond Froggatt
Now That You've Gone Mike and the Mechanics
57 Chevy
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
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Teach Me--Raymond Froggat
Part Of My Life Raymond Froggatt
Every Little Thing
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