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Thank you for stopping by my first Web site.  This is a special place for me and maybe after you read "My Story" then you'll understand why.  This site is dedicated to my five Angels.





My Lost Child

My soul has been beaten, it is so fragile.

I sit in the empty house,

listening to the children play outside.

It makes me wonder where you are,

My lost Child.

If I had only known so many years ago,

how adoption would effect my life.

I've longed to hold you, to see your smile,

to hear the words, "I love you Mommy."

But those things are not mine to have,

they belong to someone else.

I wonder if the pain will ever go away,

I want to be free of it.

I feel that my heart is out there somewhere,

and its not mind to find.

So please My Lost Child come and find me,

Bring my heart back to me......


* S. Foster *

Copyright September 2000

Please do not take this poem, it is written for my son!







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