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Thanks for stopping by my Cancer Connection site.  Cancer touches so many families, even the strongest of people fine it hard to cope at times.  My family has been faced with it many times.  So as I was thinking about what kind of Web site to do next I thought that this would be a good and helpful one to many people.  The more we know about cancer the better we may be able to handle it if we are ever faced with the news that we or someone dear to us has been told they have cancer.  I will be updating this site often as I am still in the middle of doing some of the research.  I have broken this site into different groups in hopes of  helping those who are searching find the  information easier.  I have decided to focus on two kinds of cancer, breast and cervical, even though some of the links will take you to sites that cover all kinds of cancer.  Thanks again for stopping by, TenderSoul


  Update 5-7-04

It seems that all is well with my cousin and the cancer she had is now gone.

My older sister this past week had to go through a series of test, the doctors spotted something they do not like even though they don't think its cancer they just want to make sure.

This site has gone through a major update. Most of the backgrounds are still being used but for the purpose of loading time, I have eliminated a lot of the graphics and cute java that makes a page so slow to open.


On any of the pages if I did not give proper credit to someone for the use of their graphics or poems, please send me an email and I will do so. This site has been up for three years now and at times my web addresses for those graphics have been lost in the shuffle of things.

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