Hello and Welcome

   I don't know how you came but, but grab a diet soda sit down and take a look around, and let me let you know that everyone has a story.

Let me fill you on the basics; I am 27 living in central Texas, that's Texas y'all!  I live with my girlfriend, our 2 wonderful children, who are 9 and 5.  Both smart as whips and 2 of the hardest hardheads you could ever meet. I am also divorced and have the cutest boy you could ever meet!!

Well I think first and for most I am a A-1 geek.  I work for Dell computers, and I don't like using Windows, (though I have XP) but I love using Linux I use Mandrake because with it I can pull stuff, (music et al) from the XP drive, and as far as I know its the only one.  I also am learning C++, what can I say I am a geekgrrl! :)

I love animals, I have 2 cats that are a great deal of fun, both kittens, Lord Pixel, named for a cat that as a kitten walked through walls because he was a kitten and didn't know better. the black cat, is Trinity my girlfriend named her.

I also am a proud Transsexual. I have started the whole transformation and its a long, scary, and exciting journey.

I am always in search of the best cup of coffee.

I am an active dissenter of our current administration, if you want to hear my rants and see the kind of stuff I look at click here




Also this is my 1st webpage, so please be gentle, but if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me.  Webmistress And if you would be so kind as to sign my guestbook so I feel I am actually getting some attention that would be divine!

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