Fuzzy's Veal Shank Paradise
It's All About the Food!!
If you never tried Veal Shank or Osso Bucco before, you are missing the best meal of your life. The meat of the veal is so tender and just melts in your mouth!  The flavor and the texture is so rich and wonderful..Ohh, I just wet myself, excuse  me. The best part is sucking the rich marrow out of the bone.  This is the only Exception that I make to Sucking!

The best thing I cherish about eating Osso Bucco is that it is not a everyday dish.  So when you do eat it, you will savor every bite.  The reason is that Ossco Bucco is hard to find and takes a long time to cook it to perfection.

Do you want  to learn how to make this wonderful dish?   I'll show you the Fuzzy's Way of Cooking..  No fancy wancy cooking terms, just straight fire to the metal
street style cooking!! I used to work in the two finest resturants and I learn this reciepe by watching the chefs cooking this dish (but without the swearing or cursing!).  I learned both techinques and mixed them together.. That's Amore!!

First let's start with the Ingredints:

The Veal Shank!! The Veal Shank has to be at least 3 to 4 inches tall (that's not the right term but hey this aint no freaking cookbook) or bigger (Bigger is also better!!) and has the bone sticking out.

Carrots                 Beef Stock
Oinons                  Red Wine
Garlic                     Butter

And the most importment ingredient: A nice glass of Wine for youself!!  Sh*$, it's going to be at least a 2 hr wait!!


Frist let's start with the nice bottle of wine, ahh a nice glass of Mondavi Merlot is my favorite.  Ok, now that you're nice and cozy,  dip the Veal Shank into the flour and coat  it evenly.  Let's turn up the heat!!  Place a good steel pan over that red and blue flame.  Yea baby, hear that sizzle!! Put a good amount of  oil onto the pan and wait till the pan get nice and hot before you put in the veal.  How can you tell if it's hot enough.  Well you invite your Ex-Bit#% over and stick her hand in the pan, if she screams.. It's hot!! (Just joking now!!  Please don't take me seriously, i don't want that wannabe Vice President guy to be all over my ass for violence.

Wnat you want to do is just sear the Veal quick.  Get it crisp on one side and just flip it over and do the other side.  (ohh, I won't go there!!)  You don't want to cook it, just crisp it up a little, so do it quick.  Put it in, turn it over and that's it!!  If you over cook it even a little, it will toughen the meat.

Now take the pan out from the stove and replace it with a deep sauce pan.  Place in the chunks of butter and throw in the mince garlic.   Now put in your finely sliced carrots, onions and celery and saute it.   You can add a little bit of Tomatoes if you like

Slowly lift that beautiful glass of
wine and inhale in the richness and  taste the grapes!  When the Veggies is nice and tender, add in the Veal Shank.  Now pour in about 2 cans of Beef Stock (I like Beef Stock better than Chicken Stock)  Beef Stock has higher returns and low commission fees.. (ha, ha, ha!)

Now put that
flame into medium low gear and just let it simmer slow.  You can put a cover over it if you want to.  Remember to stir it every 10 minutes or every other commerical so it won't stick to your pan.  Always check the fluid, add more stock if you need it.   I say about half a hour or so add in the red wine..  I sometimes also like to put in a flat pan and stick it in the oven.

Now how much do you add?  It depends on your taste, pour in about a half a cup and just stir it about first and taste it.  If you need more, pour in a little more..   

Let it simmer in the low flame until the meat gets tender.  How do you know when it's tender?
Pinch your ass, if the veal feels like your ass,  you have to cook it a little longer.  When the meat is tender and almost falling apart, it's ready!  Now you have to thicken up the sauce.  You can add butter or a little bit of flour to thicken it up.  Ahh, now it's ready..  Congratulations, you just made a beautiful dish of Osso Bucco!!

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