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Tenerife 2001 - A Tale of 11 Slags
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Ross E, David B, David P, Fraser, Ross W, Neal, Duncan, Craig, Chris, Brian, Steve
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Once upon a time, on an island far, far away, 11 Paisley Lads set out on a voyage of discovery.  The voyage started in Glasgow Airport one cold and wet morning.  Their destination - TENERIFE!!!  As they stood waiting to embark on an epic adventure, little did they realise that this journey would result in one broken arm, one pissed on wall and one shat on floor along with 6 of them spewing on their first night!!!

During their journey, they encountered many strange creatures.  These included the "Four Fife Females" who spoke in such a strange accent, that even the Welsh couldn't understand them.  And there was Euan the Barbarian from Kinross.  One blow from his mighty chipalata and you would be pushing up the daisies within seconds!  Then there was Helga, the 7ft 2 monster who roamed the Soul Seller, whom Duncan tried to tame with his funky dancing, which didn't do anything.  She ripped of his testes with one swing of her 6ft long arm.

By the end of those 2 weeks, the 11 Paisley Lads had been transformed into 11 Tenerife SLAGS!!!!  They greeted each other with the phrase "Oi Oi!" and called any girl in sight a "slag".  They had truely become men of dishonour.
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