(Tenshi No Inai 12-Gatsu, A December Without Angels)


Welcome to the Teninai Translation Project. The goal of this project is to translate the Sumadera Yukio, Hazuki Maho, and Sakaki Shinobu paths in the game to English.


I only want to do releases in December to fit the game. Since nothing is ready for this December, December 2008 will be the earliest date for a release of any kind.

Current Progress

1st Translation Pass
(Lines Translated / Total Lines)

1002 / 1375

Kurihara Touko
Need translators,
Email me if interested

Sakaki Shinobu
917 / 2755

Asou Asuna
Need translators,
Email me if interested

Sumadera Yukio
1670 / 3427

Hazuki Maho
4052 / 4292



ONO (Translator: Maho Path)
Chewy (Translator: Common Path, Yukio Path, Shinobu Path)
Mazryonh (Editor)
AceRisque (OP Karaoke)


Game OP
Official Website
Freetype's review of the game
Erogamescape link (NSFW)

Contact Me: chewy101 at hotmail
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