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AA Productions

Welcome to our new AA Productions site. This page is the official page of AA(no, not Acoholics Annonymous) We're a group of friends(population of 3) that have produced enough junk to make a site out of it. This was going to be the sister site to AA Anime, which is about our Comic-in-Progress, but unfortunately due to...technical problems, that site is frozen and what you see is what you will always see there. Good news is that we plan to rebuild from the ground up with all new material, so please be patient with us. I did my best to make the pages as compatible with as many resolutions as I could. The broken links now lead to places(not much, but something...) and we're going to update the page much more often now. Keep checking in, and you're sure to find new goodies soon. Leave us a message in our guestbook and believe it or not, we'll actually read it! Have a look around and see for yourself if it's worth commenting.

~AA Productions webmaster

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