Hello there and welcome to my humble studio. My name is Arcadia (though I sometimes go by Karula), and this is my art. I made this site to show off some of my better pieces of anime and video game fan art. Yes, I'm so egotistical that I think others would actually want to look at my scribblings :). So humor me, okay? Just by being here, you've made my head swell another couple of notches.

Important note: I'm in the middle of giving the site a makeover. I'll (hopefully) be jazzing up the layout, reorganizing stuff and getting rid of some older pieces that I don't like to make room for new ones. If you find any missing pics or pages, that's probably the reason.

Here's what we've got:
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The images here are for use on this site ONLY. NO permission is given to use them anywhere else. Image theft is very bad nettiquette!

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My head is now times its original size.
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