Thousands of innocent animals are put to death every day in America due to pet overpopulation. When will it stop? This is a needless and senseless tragedy that could easily be avoided through spay/ neuter programs and responsible pet ownerships. The puppy pictured to the left was put to sleep on 2/27/02. This site is dedicated to her memory and the millions of those like her. Please help us in finding these deserving animals  permanent homes.
CLICK HERE for a slide show,  see what happens to shelters dogs
to tennessee animal rescue
We are a small, non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless animals find permanent and loving homes. If you would like to make a donation, volunteer, or become a foster parent please contact us.
please call
901 406 5887

interested in adopting a pet and we are here to help. We have a list of pets rescued by our agency available for adoption . All of our animals are from kill shelters. If you do not see one here you are interested in please visit our links page.
Our Hope List

memphis animal shelter

memphis humane society


hugs for homeless animals

bartlett animal shelter

germantown animal shelter

olive branch humane society

collierville animal shelter


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Most every SATURDAY we will feature different locations where you can meet and adopt our animals in person!!!
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each link below provides pictures and information about animals available for adoption.
unseen they suffer
unheard they cry
in agony they linger
in loneliness they die
Can't make it down to the shelter? If you see an animal listed on any of the shelter web sites but cannot make it to the shelter, please contact us. We can assist in arranging the adoption or help you transport the animal.
MYTH : full blooded animals never end up at shelters. TRUTH: about 35 to 40 percent of homeless animals in area shelters are "full blooded" animals.
mother and pups, put to sleep on Jan 10, 2003. Pups younger than 2 months are destroyed with their mothers if the mother is not adopted
A thanks to THREE DOG BAKERY for hosting an adoption day. Excellent place to buy treats and items for your pet. Located in Collierville, at 2136 Poplar.
more faces of the unlucky ones
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thoughts from those who rescue
Hoping Hearts Animal Rescue