Welcome To My Family Tree
                           Surnames :
               Catiller, Catilla, Catilio,
      Cotilla, Cotillier, Catilliard ,Castiller
              and many other spellings
                                                 Surname Connections:
Stewart, Stuart, Flannery, Hickman, Waller, Beard, Day, Easley, Herndan, Gray,Thomas, Johnson,
West, Abshire, Miller,Carter, Newton,Alvey and many more.
My name is Sandra Catiller Anderson and I have been working on this line of my family for about five years now.
I decide to put it on line hoping that someone else might be connected to this family and help me.
So come on in and see if there is anyone that you might be missing from your tree.
I will be adding everything that I have found during my research in hopes that I might find my elusive ancestors.
Catiller Family History

I have been told that the Catiller name is French, but others state that it could be Irish. Some documents found state that our ancestors came from Ireland and that may be true, but they still could be French.
Many people traveled to other countries for a better way of life or to a port where travel to the US was cheaper.
    There were shipping companies that would come to the US and pick up loads of cotton and other essentials and to keep from running empty ships they would take on passengers for a cheap price and bring them to the United States and then travel back loaded with goods.
   Whatever origin the name is, spelling of the name has made it very difficult to do research on.
    So far I believe that the Catiller name (which ever way they spelled it) in Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois are all connected family and possibly from Canada arriving from France.
    It is a very difficult task because, many records have been destroyed by war, fire and floods.
   All I can do is piece the families together using census, death and birth records and whatever family history I have been told.
   This connection has not been proven, but is very likely a connection to our family line.
Please check it out and form your own opinion.
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Please if you see any of my family lying around in a census record or court record or in a book or newspaper, please send them home to me by