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The book was written to the audience of healers of the human energy field. The information in it cannot be found in any other literature, except as vague hints, as this was a revealed truth. In the Introduction to the book, the circumstances surrounding the development of this healing method are told.

The Heart Body is the most essential part of the human energy field. It is the part that relates closest to the Original Cause (God). Healing performed on this energy field will effect the most lasting changes as it holds the root for the symptoms seen on the other energy levels, including the physical.

What I have come to understand is that the core of our being is heart and that there is actually an essential part of our energy field that is there for the purpose of responding to the Heart of God and the hearts of others. The innermost part of this Heart Body I called the Heart Prism. This is the "organ" through which we breathe the love of God. Part One of the book explains how to work with the supporting aspects of the Heart Body in order to then work directly with the Heart Prism. The section "Self-Intimacy: The Inner Marriage of the Lamb" and the treatise "Christ’s Mission of Reconciliation" discuss the heart attitudes necessary in order to heal the Heart Prism. Part Two explains how to heal the Heart Prism of an individual. Part Three discusses how to heal the Heart Prism of a family, tribe or nation.

I would like to explain the Heart Prism a little. It is diamond-shaped (two pyramids joined at their bases) and composed of an infinite number of planes of energy. It is our inner universe. It is through these planes of energy that love is received and transmitted. At the core of this diamond-shaped prism is the pure white core, where God is to reside. There are three primary pairs of hemispheres to this universe of Heart (parent-child; husband-wife; brother-sister). These pairs compose the outermost planes of energy that directly interface with the physical world. They form the core of the Heart Prism. However, from here, there exists inwardly an infinite number of pairs going generationally back in time.

What the Heart Prism (The Tree of Life) shows us is that the universe is patterned after the core relationships in the family. The love energies we experience in our relationships enter the Heart Prism in set areas designed to be sensitive to that particular energy. Colors correspond to the different love energies such as yellow being overall masculine love, blue (indigo) is overall feminine love; white is parental love and red is children’s love. The first diagram in the book gives the four basic love energies and their corresponding colors and locations. There are twelve arch typical Heart signs corresponding to the different energies coming to and from the Heart Prism. An individual incarnates one of these Heart signs.

In dream interpretation, the relationship we are working on can be understood through knowing what these colors represent along with other symbols that correspond to the Heart Prism. The different rooms in the houses of our dreams can also be understood as representing the different rooms in our Heart Prism and the relationships that are held there. By working on this most fundamental part of one’s being, such as opening up the doors (communicating) between these different rooms (relationships), healing can come quickly to an individual, effecting all levels of his being.


I was asked by a publishing company to write something about who I am. I struggled with this task for over a week, not being able to write anything. Then this morning as I asked my husband what he thought people would like to know about me, I began to reflect on this question again myself. My mind began focusing on the wall divider in my cubicle at work. I call it my "wall of tears". There I have posted photo clips from newspapers. The theme of the photos is the parent-child relationship, particularly depicting the broken heart within these relationships.

One photo stands out in my mind the most. It is of a starving African woman giving her starving daughter water from a plastic jug. Both look like bones with a layer of skin on them. I cannot understand how they can stand up because of how weak they look. The daughter doesn’t even have on any clothes. She is about seven years old. Looking at this photo, I feel the suffering heart of this relationship. Here is the person this child depends on for food and nourishment. However, here is the woman who cannot supply this for her daughter. The unimaginable suffering of heart. It was then that I realized that who I am and what my book is about are the same.

I have a degree in Applied Ecology. But that is not who I am. I have worldly experiences like working a job, facilitating a support group, intensive self-study. But that is not who I am. Who I am is a woman with a heart able to experience the suffering heart of God and His children due to their separation in heart. I feel this is why the way of healing spoken of in the book came to me. The deepest suffering in this world is of the parent longing to take care of his child in need, but not being able to. This is the tragedy of the human condition. This is the heart of God, our Parent.

Back in the summer of 1992,1 prayed to God with an intense suffering heart, begging Him to please show me a way to heal His children without they having to go the long, agonizing course of therapy. I knew that so many people in this world would not be able to heal this way. I believe that this Heart Body healing method is His answer to my prayer.

I hope that you decide to read what is presented here with an open mind and heart. This method of healing that I have come to know only touches the surface of what I believe is yet to be understood. I have found that many of my deepest insights have come during the process of dialoguing with another person who is on my "wave-length." This is my main reason for sharing the material with you, in the hopes that something greater will emerge.

As you will note, throughout the book, I make references to the work of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I consider myself a mystic, raised in the tradition of the Unification faith. I feel I was prepared to receive this new healing modality because of what I have learned and continue to learn in this tradition. However, I feel that this healing model is beyond any individual or group religion and that it will be through dialogue with like-hearted people that more depth of understanding and application will come.

Note: Recently, I have come to understand that God experiences even a deeper suffering within His heart. Ultimately, God is the grandparent to the children of His original couple. He has had to watch His grandchildren being spiritually, emotionally, and physically abused by His own children on a day-by-day, second-by-second basis throughout history. This is a far greater suffering than not being able to help His children. Those with whom He wants to share His heart of true love and give the universe to are those who are doing the abuse to His most helpless grand babies generation after generation. How great a suffering heart this is,


There are four parts to this book. I began receiving the information contained in this book in early 1993. The first manuscript was completed in November of that year and self-published April 6,1994. However, I had received additional material during that time period which was not included in the first manuscript due to time constraints. Since then I have brought the three sections together under one cover. The self-published material is now called Part One. Within each part is its own table of contents, footnote page, diagrams, selected glossary, appendix and/or reference list. A second printing of a revised edition occurred April 1, 1996 and a third on September 21, 1996. This is the fourth revision (May 23, 1998.)

I have added several pieces or treatises I wrote since the first printing. They are found in Part Four.

The Introduction of the book, below, explains the beginning circumstances surrounding the development of this healing method. For a quick overview of the basic structure of the Heart Body and the flow of energy through it, see the section "Preface of Part Two". A Selected Glossary is at the end of Part One.

 The four parts are:








What I remember most about my childhood was how alone and helpless I felt. I remember kneeling next to my bed when I was five, singing to God to comfort myself. I did this to shield my heart from the pain I was experiencing at that moment. I would pray to God to heal my dad so that we could experience happiness as a family. I couldn’t understand how a world so full of beauty and so full of violence could co-exist. The beauty always got destroyed or "used up" by the violence.

During my college years, 1971-75,1 began to notice that I was being spiritually guided from one spiritual or religious group to another. I was in a group just long enough to absorb the spiritual teachings they were offering before I was directed to another group. Then, in 1979, I began my path of deeper self-reflection. The issues of the abuse I experienced in my family became my focus. I discovered the field of psychology for the first time, even though my college roommate had been a psychology major. This self-reflection intensified in 1988 when I began doing inner child work and attending various self-help support groups.

Then, in 1992,1 began an intense course in studying the more esoteric spiritual teachings. At that time, I had no idea why I was being guided to this area of study. Just as I would finish reading one book, another would come to my attention. Though in formal education I hold only a B.S., I feel my spirit guides have bestowed upon me a doctorate degree in Life after the past two years (1992-93). Knowing that I was guided and protected by my invisible friends in spirit world, I began to trust that God had a plan for my life. In the deepest part of my heart, I knew that healing the human heart was my soul destiny and would bring me the greatest joy.

So there I was, back in December 1992, trustingly walking this path when a friend I see maybe once a year happened to be driving by my office and dropped in to see me. She had gone to a tarot card reader two days before and received a deep and accurate reading. I got the reader’s name and phone number and made an appointment for the coming Saturday, January 2, 1993. While in this reader’s office, I was told that I would write a small book and lecture to large audiences. This didn’t fit at all into where my life was at the time. The only book I had ever tried to write was a romance novel when I was a teenager. I wrote about ten pages and lost inspiration. So this was a hard prediction to believe. The woman also gave me the name of an energy healer whom she felt I should meet.

One night, I had a dream of a woman who would walk with me during the healing of the deeper wounds of my soul. Three weeks later when I went to the energy healer for a session, I knew this was the woman in my dream. I could tell that she would be able to walk with me on this part of my path and that she was lovingly willing to do so. Then, in the spring, she moved to a house that resembled the mansion of fears in my dream. It was there that I began to heal my deeper wounds.

About the same time I started to see this healer, I was offered the opportunity to be a facilitator for a support group that met once a week. This experience opened me up to feeling comfortable in the position of healer to others. I have tended to be a loner or to have only one close friend all of my life. So the support group broadened my ability to love people with personalities different from my own.

On March 20th, I attended a spirit communication circle led by a couple who communicate with the spirit world. During this sharing, the vision of my future work was presented almost exactly as it had been by the tarot card reader back in January. I began to realize that my spirit guides

were quite serious about my mission, so I began to get more serious. I made an appointment for a private reading with this couple on April 8th.

During the private reading, I accepted the mission my spirit guides offered me. I made an arrangement to meet with the couple once a week over lunch to discuss whatever it was I was supposed to bring forth. I still didn’t know. During the third lunch meeting, on May 25th, the husband received a vision of what I have since called the Heart Meridians, Heart Nodes and Heart-Emotion Ring (See Selected Glossary).

When I got back to work that day I experienced a synergistic vision of what was unfolding. Many aspects of my own life’s path and fragments of information I had gathered over the years of study fell into place. Pieces came together to form the beginnings of what I now call the "Completed Testament Age Healing: The Heart Body." I intuitively understood that during the Old Testament Age, healing was primarily done through the application of the laws and principles of the universe. When the New Testament Age began, in addition to this method of healing, healers were able to heal through their faith in being a channel for the healing power of the love of God. Now in the Completed Testament Age, healing can be performed by directly accessing the Heart of God or the source of God’s Love and administering this energy to the Heart Body of the individual or even to groups of people.

At the next meeting, June 1st. I was asked to do a Heart Body healing. Although I had little experience in this area, I jumped in anyway, not knowing what to expect. I decided to do the first healing on the couple’s son. As I was running my hands over his energy field (the area surrounding his body), the spirit guides were instructing me through my friend to feel the energy pulsating out from the palms of my hands. I visualized there being on/off switches in each palm. I would open the valve and out would flow the Heart energy like water from a faucet. Then I would turn it off and move to another area. I did this systematically from the child’s head to his feet as he sat in a chair, moving from place to place on his energy field as I administered this energy. It felt like I was flushing out the different energy blocks with this gush of energy. (As I progressed in this technique, I dropped the visualization of the faucet and now just administer this energy as I move from place to place.)

Next, I experimented on the husband. He sat in the middle of the room in a straight-back chair. Again starting from top to bottom from behind him, I administered this Heart energy. After this was completed, I was directed to stand in front of him and feel for the ring-like structure that he had drawn in the diagram the week before. This I did and began to clear and fortify it, and even place the spirit form of a teddy bear inside of this ring. I then moved to his side. I began to feel for the location of his vertical line (a line that runs vertically and centrally through each individual’s form from head to feet) and detect what condition it was in. After straightening it up, I was moved to stand behind him and place my hands in cup-like fashion above his head. After collecting the water-like energy flowing into my hands from above, I released the energy as if it were water running down his sides, again following the pattern in the diagram. After sealing the healing with silver-colored energy (see Selected Glossary), I was told that I had just administered the first of three Keys. Again, I didn’t know what it meant, so I filed that piece of information away. I would later call this first Key "The Water of Life" (See Selected Glossary).

From then on, I began to receive more and more of the methods of healing the Heart Body. Over the next few weeks, I began to name the different parts of the Heart Body that had been revealed in the initial meeting. (The exact nature and structure of this Heart Body is explained later in the book.) As I practiced Heart Body healing on others, more pieces would fall into place. One night I had a dream: I saw a thread of blue-silver, crystal-like energy moving across the top of my visual dream screen horizontally in a DNA-weave-like pattern. It was electric and vibrant. I was drawn to it twice by my guides. When I woke up I knew that it had some significance to the heart healing work but was not sure in what way. This was June 6th. At the following Tuesday’s lunch meeting with my two friends, I described this vision. During our discussion of my dream, we realized that this was the Original energy from God, which sprang out of His/Her being at His/Her first impulse to create. I called it the "I AM" energy. I then understood that by taking hold of two loops of this energy and pulling it through the cross formed by the vertical and horizontal lines in the Heart Body, this energy would gradually bring to conscious awareness the forgotten memory of who we are, God’s children. I realized that this was the second of the three Keys, the "I AM" Key (See Selected Glossary).

Back on April 10th, the third Key was administered directly on me by one of my spirit guides during a spirit communication circle led by my two friends: However, I didn’t understand that this was what he had done to me until I performed a healing on someone in June. As I stood behind this person, I was guided to place my hands in a certain position above his head. As I did so I realized that I was in the process of placing the Original Image conceived in divine love within that individual. It was then that I realized that my guide had given this ball of light to me back on April 10th. When he handed it to me, he told me to place it within the very core of my being. I called this third Key the "Four-Position Foundation" Key (See Selected Glossary).

Even after receiving these new insights and techniques, I still didn’t understand exactly what I was to do with them. I decided to write these techniques and understandings down. I began July 8th, and presented a paper to my friends on the 16th. During that week I felt like I was writing my Ph.D. dissertation to present to my professor for review. After handing in the paper, part of me thought that was the end of this project. However, deep inside I knew I couldn’t leave this as such. I was still running from the awareness that I would have to make this information public. As I began to surrender to my path once more, on August 6th my friends and I made a commitment to have this work ready for publication by Thanksgiving 1993.

So I went back to the books that had led me to this point in my life. Then I realized how prepared I was. Each book contained some part of the whole picture. At first, I thought I had to prove that this Heart Body really existed. Then I came to the conclusion that it was a revealed truth and that I would find only incomplete references to its existence in the books I was researching. I decided to let this new understanding stand on its own merit and allow healers to decide for themselves whether this method, Healing the Heart Body, would be useful in their own practices.

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