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March 19th 2002

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Site created on August 31 2001. 

By Wincey 


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Welcome to this website, a place where you can know all about Ashley, a very talented tennis player from America. Although she's 16 she's been gaining a lot of attention mainly because she's a looks like Anna Kournikova. How do you think of it?  But she's got the skills and talent, starting tennis at the age of 4.  However, one of her favourite players is Anna and the other Martina Hingis. Let's see if she can be successful in the future, getting into the top 10. In 2001, she has turned pro but can only play in a limited number of tournament because of her age. Let's see what damage Ashley can do to the women's tour!

If this is the first time you've visited this website, please come again as I will always be updating it. Because of all your support, I can continue to develop this website.
  Please tour around this site, and hope you'll enjoy my website! AND DON"T FORGET TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!


March 19th: Sorry for the lack to updates since I've decided to only update the site when Ashley plays WTA tournaments. Ashley has received a wild-card to play in Miami and she will face Germany's Martina Muller in the opening round. If she does win, she win face Irina Tulyaganova, the fifteenth seed next! Good luck!    Checkout website

December 13th: Ashley was defeated once again to Marion Bartoli, losing her quarterfinals match in three tough sets. I guess this is the final tournament of the season, and see u guyz next year!

December 12th: Wow, Ashley has advanced to the quarters without dropping a set. She defeated Liles 6-1, 6-4, and will face 4th seed Marion Bartoli. This is a re-match of the US Open semifinals, in which Ashley lost in straight sets. Hope Ashley can make it to the semis! Read article...

December 11th: Congrats to Ashley, winning her second match easily, 6-1, 6-1, the same scores as the previous round. It is not certain at the moment whether she will face Liles from USA, or the 14th seed Brazilian Alves. No matter what, there is a great chance Ashley will pull through since she is the 5th seed in the tournament.

December 10th: A good start to the Orange Bowl 2001. Ashley easily defeated her opponent in straight sets: 6-1, 6-1, and will next face a qualifier Daria Kustava. Let's see how much damage Ashley can do in this tournament!  

December 9th: Ashley is seeded 5th in the Orange Bowl tournament and in the first round, she will face Mexican Maria Jose Herrera Lopez. Hope you'll do well in this tourney!

Singles 1st round Maria Jose Herrera Lopez Mexico @6-1, 6-1 won
@ 2nd round Daria Kustava Belarus @6-1, 6-1 won
@ 3rd round Alexandra Liles@ United States    6-1, 6-4 won
@ Quarterfinals Marion Bartoli (4) France @1-6, 7-6(2), 3-6 lost

December 8th: After losing to Argentina, USA seemed to have learnt a lesson, and they were undefeated playing for the 5th to 8th position.  They were 5th overall in the Continental Cup. This was a disappointing result, but they only lost 2 matches (not counting the retired match). Ashley is invited to play the Orange Bowl, which will determine her end-of-year junior rankings. Good luck! READ ARTICLE

December 5th: Sorry for the lack of updates, and there's bad news today because USA lost to Argentina in their round robin. Although Ashley won her singles match against Gisela Dulko in three tough sets, the country lost a singles and doubles match. Look on the table below for full scores! The girl's team will play Slovakia for the 5th to 8th position! Good luck girls!  

Players representing USA: Ashley Harkleroad, Bethanie Mattek and Amber Lui

5th to 6th position

vs. Hungary (6) (Day 6)

Singles (1) Amber Lui vs. Zsuzsanna Babos 6-0, 6-1 won
USA wins 2-0 Singles (2) Ashley Harkleroad vs. Virag Nemeth 6-2, 6-1 won
Doubles not played

5th to 8th position

vs. Slovak Republic(2) (Day 5) Singles (1) Amber Liu vs. Dominika Dlhopolcova 6-1, 6-1 won
USA wins 2-0 Singles (2) Ashley Harkleroad vs. Lenka Dlhopolcova 6-1, 6-1 won
Doubles not played

Group 3

vs. Argentina (Day 3) Singles (1) Amber Lui vs. Maria Jose Argeri 6-7(5), 6-2 lost
USA loses 2-1 Singles (2) Ashley Harkleroad vs. Gisela Dulko 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 won
Doubles Lui/Harkleroad vs. Argeri/Dulko 2-6, 6-7(2) lost
vs. Uruguay (Day 2) Singles (1) Bethanie Mattek vs. Estefania Cracium 2-2 ret. lost
USA wins 2-1 SIngles (2)  Ashley HArkleroad vs. Agustina Arechavaleta 6-3, 6-0 won
Doubles  Harkleroad/Lui vs. Craciun/Migliarini 6-0,6-1 won
vs. Canada (Day 1) Singles (1) Amber Lui vs. Beier Ko 6-1, 6-4 Won
USA wins 3-0 SIngles (2) Ashley Harkleroad vs. Melanie Marois 6-3, 6-3 Won
Doubles Harkleroad/Mattek vs. Srebrovic/Marois 6-3, 6-3 Won

November 26: It has appeared that Ashley has withdrew from the tournament, since her name was not in the draw. According to her fan club, it is said that she sprained her ankle and was forced to pull up. Get well soon, and I wonder if Ashley will still be competing in the Sunshine Cup. If she is, she will try to defend the title for her country. For more info on Sunshine Cup, go to

November 24: Ashley will be participating in the Eddie Herr Championship, a grade 1 event in the ITF tournaments. She is seeded 2nd, which means she'll have a fairly good draw. If Ashley does great here, it will help her makings rise. The main draw for Girls 18 is not out yet, and I'll be trying to post the most updated information. So keep coming as this might be her last tournament of the year!

Herwaldt Motors Mercedes Benz  (Fresno, CA) ($50,000 US) October 1-7

Singles 1st round Milagros Sequera 6-1,6-7(11),6-3 Venezuela Won
@ 2nd round Jana Nejedly 4-6,7-5,5-7@ Canada    Lost@
Doubles (w/Marie-Eve Pelletier CAN) 1st round Marissa Irvin/ Katie Schlukebir (1) 6-3,6-2 United States/United States Won
@ Quarterfinals Melissa Middleton/Brie Rippner 6-4,6-3 United States/United States Won
@ Semifinals Jennifer Embry/Abigail Spears (4) 6-4,6-3 United States/United States Won
@ Finals Clarisa Ferdinand/Samantha Reeves (2) 2-6,6-4,5-7 Argentina/United States Lost

October 7th: Sorry for the lack of updates, since the USTA did not have updated scores on their site. Well, Ashley and Marie-Eve did a great job, advancing to the finals but eventually lost to the second seeds Ferdinand and Reeves. It was a tough match, eventually losing 5-7 in the third set!

October 4th: So Ashley was unable to make it to the quarters, losing to Nejedly in three tough sets: 4-6,7-5,5-7. There's still doubles, and hope Ashley will do well!

October 3rd: Great news! Ashley and Marie defeated the top seeds in doubles, needed only straught sets:6-3 and 6-2. Way to go...

October 2nd: Congats to Ashley, who won her singles 1st round match against Sequera. A good start to a new tournament. She needed three sets to dispose her opponent 6-1, 6-7 (11),6-3, and she will face 3rd seed Canadian Jana Nejedly next. It will be a tough match since Jana is a very experienced player. Good luck!

   Ashley also entered the doubles (teaming with Canadian Pelletier) , and it will be another tough match since her opponents are the top seed Americans Irvin and Schlukebir. Check out the USTA website for more info...

Alberquerque, NM (ITF $75,000) September 24-30

Qualifiers (3) 1st round Holli Freudenberg 6-1,6-1 United States Won
2nd round Alyssa Cohen 3-6,7-5,6-2 United States Won
3rd round Elizabeth Schmidt 6-4,6-3 United States Won
Qualifier (doubles with Steck) (4) 1st round Karin Miller/Mashona Washington (2) United States/United States
Singles 1st round Alina Jidkova 4-6,3-6 Russia Lost

September 27th: Ashley lost in the 1st round to Russian Jidkova 6-4, 6-3. How come she never seems to advance to the 2nd round in non-Junior tournaments. Well, Ashley we have faith in you, and she should be winning more matches soon.

September 26th: Ashley is playing in the $75,000 ITF Tournament in Alburquerque, NM. She came through the qualifiers. She was seeded 3rd in the qualifing round. She defeated (WC)Holli Freudenberg (USA) 6-1, 6-1 Then defeated Alyssa Cohen (USA) 3-6, 7-5, 6-2 Finally she defeated Elizabeth Schmidt (USA) 6-4,6-3 to get into the main draw where she will face #4 seed Alina Jidkova. Looking ahead Ashley may also have to face Marrisa Irvin. Ashley and Marrisa had a monumental match in Dothan back in May. Ashley had to come from 5-2 in the third to win 7-6 in the tie break Ashley is also playing doubles with South African Jessica Steck. They were seeded 4th and have to face 2nd seeds Karin Miller and Mashona Washington both of the USA to get into the main draw. News from Ashley Harkleroad Star Rising Yahoo Club

September 8th: Ashley lost to Bartoli in the semis, unable to advance to the finals. She lost in straight sets: 2-6,3-6. Don't worry Ashley, you'll have lots more chances!

September 7th: Ashley is into the semis after breezing past her opponent Strycova easily in straight sets: 6-1 6-4. She will meet the 10th seed MArion Bartoli of France next who ousted the number 1 seed Kaia Kaneepi in the quarters. It seems that Ashley has a great chance to advance to the finals. 

September 6th: Ashley did not disappoint the Americans by winning her singles match in straight sets: 6-4, 6-2. After advancing to the quarters, she will face Barbora Strycova from Czechoslovakia. GOOD LUCK Ashley! 2 more photos from US Open added   More news articles added

September 5th: Another great victory for Ashley, having to win the girl's single match in the 2nd round. She needed three sets to dispose American Megan Bradley: 7-6(4),6-7(6) and 6-2. She will face Poland's Sakowicz next. Can u believe it? Ashley's actually playin her match in the Arthur Ashe Stadium. That's the only junior match held in that court on Day 11 of the US Open.

September 3rd: The number one seed Ashley and her partner Dulko actually lost their first round in three tough sets: 6-3, 3-6, 4-6 to fellow Americans Bradley and Burdette. This means Ashley can concentrate on her singles matches. 

September 1st: At last, Ashley has won a match! She defeated Keothavong of Britain in straight sets 7-5, 6-2, and will face fellow American Megan Bradley next. Good luck in the next round! New photos added from US open     Interviews added

Ashley and her doubles partner Gisella Dulko of Argentina is seeded number 1 in the girl's doubles. They will face Megan Bradley and Erin Burdette of the United States in the first round...