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Here are pictures of Lisa and I at the Champaign, IL concert Nov 21, 2002!

Here are my photos of Lisa in concert!

Here is all the stuff Lisa has signed for me!


Tails - Lisa's debut album includes the hit song "Stay", which gave her instant popularity when it was featured on the "Reality Bites" movie soundtrack. This album also includes my favorite song "Garden of Delights"!

Firecracker - Her sophomore release includes such hits as "I Do", "Truthfully", and "How" which was also included on the Dawson's Creek, Jack Frost, and Twister soundtracks.

Cake and Pie - Lisa's third release was only availible in stores for a short time. Your local music store might still have a copy, so pick it up TODAY! After some artistic differences Lisa left this label and joined a new one. The result: Hello Lisa!

Hello Lisa - Lisa's follow-up to Cake and Pie is decorated with Hello Kitty, of which Lisa is a huge fan, and so am I. This album includes songs previously released on Cake and Pie, along with four new tracks that are equally pleasing to the ear. Her latest single to hit the airwaves is "Underdog." Call your favorite radio station and promote this song!

Links - Lisa's official website - Hello Kitty website - Sanrio website

About Me

My name is Laura and I am a huge Lisa Loeb fan, as you can see. I'm 20 years old and live in Indiana, a student at Purdue University. :) Check back periodically, as the site is new and changes are being made every day! Thanks for stopping by!

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