About Me

The Basics

  • Name: Erin

  • Age: 14

  • Location: Georgia

  • Religion: Methodist


  • Band

  • Tennis

  • Computer


    Short Term

  • Make Wind Ensemble.

  • Make M.A.Y.W.E, All-state, and honor band.

  • Dramatically improve on piccolo.

  • Add more to this site, and learn how to do some stuff that I don't know how to do to improve it.

    Long Term

  • Go to and complete high school.

  • Go to College.

  • Study something in music or medicine.

  • Be Successful!!!

Me as a flute player

I took Amanda's quiz from her profile.

Rebel who falls into own category.  Popular kids hate you, but you dont care.  An outsider.
Taco Bell

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kanamycin's Bolt icon quiz.