What's New

This is the "What's New" page. Here I will post any new thing I add to the site.

One page I would like to add is "The Top Reasons to be in Band." If you have any, please e-mail them to me or post them in the guestbook. If you would like credit for them, please give me your name and I will post it on there. Also, if you would like me to put a link to your site on my site, you can e-mail, or post it in the guestbook too.


Just added 4/4/03: Riddles and Jokes!

Added 4/5/03: My band calendar. The link is under "Band".

Added 4/6/03: My calendar. To view, click the "My Calendar" button.

Added 4/7/03:

  • New links on the "links" page! More to come soon!
  • My tennis calendar.
  • New poll.
  • Top Reasons to be in Band. (Found under 'Band')
  • Edited the archives.

Added 4/13/03:

  • Daily Cartoons! (Found under 'Fun Stuff')
  • Pass it on! Tell your friends about my site. (Found on main page)
  • Feed back forms. (Found on 'E-mail Forms' page)

Added 4/20/03:

  • My Countdowns. (Found under 'My Countdowns')

Added 4/22/03:

  • My Pictures.

Added 5/4/03:

  • What kind of fast-food restaraunt are you? My quiz results.

Added 5/8/03:

  • Updated 'My Pictures'.
  • Updated the 'Archives'.
  • 'My Music'. Found under 'Band'.
  • How much of a band geek are you? Take my quiz! Found under 'Band'.

Added 5/12/03:

  • Added more 'Reasons to be in band' from Teal Bassoon. Thanks, if you ever read this!

Added 5/21/03:

  • New poll.
  • Updated my short-term goals on the 'About Me' page.
  • Added 'My Journal' link.
  • Added pics of my flute and the piccolo I will soon own.

Added 5/25/03:

  • Message Forum. (Located on the 'Fun Stuff' page.

Added 6/3/03:

  • Updated the 'Archives'

Added 6/26/03:

  • Hilton Head pictures.

Added 9/13/03:

  • Updated 'My Music'

Added 11/8/03:

  • Updated 'My Music'
  • Updated 'Me as a flute player'
  • Updated 'My Countdowns'
  • Added my new journal from Xanga.com