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Thanks for taking a moment to check out my homepage!

First off, my name is James and I'm from the far eastern part of Tennessee - you could guess that from my handle here, huh?  I'm real sorry that the picture here is so grainy, but it's the only one I've got to use.  For all the basic stuff....I'm 36 as of March 2003, stand 6' 3", am a solid 200 lbs, and as healthy as a dang horse (as in no diseases or disabilities).
Yes - for the moment I'm at a lockup in the Tennessee DOC system, but looking at a release in 2004; this is a max timed-out thing, not a parole board review! If you really want all the whys & wherefores on this long stretch inside, I can get all into that with you later. (And if you're wonderin how this hompage got uploaded, have a bud who agreed to do it for me.)
What I can't get onto a profile page is the stuff that makes me.....me.  Guess I'll always be a country boy that just happens to enjoy the heck out of driving a truck!  I'm studying now to re-take my CDL test right when I get released.
Why do I like to drive?  Being out on the open road & independent would have to top the list on that.
Have traveled for my job all along the Atlantic seaboard & down on the Gulf Coast; also up to Vermont & into Canada.  Drove both a flatbed & a trailer, know how to fix the sucker if it breaks down (or gets persnickety), and am definitely an asset to any company that would hire me!  (OK,  OK > sitting & waiting for a load isn't all that great, but we take the good with the not-so-good, huh?   Have also got to say that driving Brooklyn/Long Island wasn't my idea of fun - no offense to any that live there! ) Yep - on my free time at home I used to work on my car or truck.
On to personal stuff - mostly because my buddy says I need to put it in.....just in case...> I'm a hetero man, but please don't think of me as being automatically 'redneck' just 'cause I was raised in a country setting! No - I consider myself an open-minded guy & not so stuck in my ways that I won't consider new things.  Don't think I have a judemental bone in my body.
I'm single/no kids and, sure, I'd like to find a nice lady to share my life with - but finding romance from in here is tough. (Tried one of those "inmate penpal" deals> waste of time; no one wrote.)  Don't really have what you'd call a "type" of woman I like as far as age, body, height, has kids/no kids - that kind of thing. I just simply believe that there's a woman out there for me somewhere......
Well, I've taken up a whole lot of your time here & I thank you for that.  If you have a lead on some work when I get out, then I also thank you for passing that along.  (Hey - if you're a lady who considers herself to be nice, would love to hear from you, too!!) My email will only be checked about once/twice a month, so writing to me at the address below is a heck of a lot quicker - and a job application and/or picture of yourself (ladies ONLY) would be great.
Peace and happiness.
                                                  Sincerely, James Williams #233496
NECX #18
POBox 5000
Mountain City, TN 37683-5000
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