Tennoaks Thunder in the Sun

(Ch Bojak Abbai Kifungua Mimba CD x Bob-Els Imnotanubbin CD)
August 13, 1989-December 22, 1997

Champion Bed Warmer and Companion

Sweet, beautiful boy,
Quick to charm,
You stole many hearts
With your bright eyes,
Mischievous spirit, and
Gentle love.
Too soon gone, Sweet One--
We cry in our grief
but find comfort in joy-filled memories.
Rest now at the Rainbow Bridge,
Free at last from pain.
Wait now, for soon we'll run together,
Bounding across celestial fields.
(by Paula Parris)
A Curious Puppy
Always a clown

A beautiful face, a beautiful spirit
Gone much too soon, but forever here in my heart

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