The Seasons


Slowly the weather warms. In January, we have long hot days but then the heat finally abates and the sky fills with dense grey clouds and within a few hours the temperature drops and ill winds, thunderstorms and rain sweep through lightening the sky with forks and flashes and the earthy sound of rumbles of thunder. We experienced some great weekend weather where the temperature reaches 25-40 degrees plus. The hot wind once again starts to blow in from the North bringing dryness from the desert to bake the green earth a golden brown. When one steps-out of the house, it is almost like walking into an oven but such days rarely last. We know that within a day or two the temperature will once again fall to the low 20's once the wind changes to the South blowing in from across the Tasman.

After the thunder storms and rain, the returning sun brings a living smell rising from the steaming earth and a freshness to life, as if everything has been washed anew. After so much rain, the earth is soft and rich with dampness and the surrounding countryside is filled with freshness and vigour. Grass and leaves drip heavily with moisture. Such beauty in the sparkling glints. Brushing the tips of leaves, water drips dewed like tiny diamonds if only they were real! Sun spangled, they shimmer the wealth of nature as they fade upon the cool green leafy veins. Pattern, gossamer spider webs magically appear, stretching across the gaps between bushes, charting their spun passages of eternity. A thin vapour rises from the pool, slowly becoming transparent as the sun appears with its warm embrace.

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