The Band

By popular demand, the members of the band will be exposed and humiliated right here on this page. Within the contents of this page you will find pictures of the 10 O'Clock Scholars doing everything from practicing to pretending they're practicing so that we could have some pictures for the page.

Just so you know, Connealy joined because we asked him three weeks before our Feb. 25th, 2003 Ranch Bowl show to play the bass guitar for us...even though he'd never played bass guitar before. We're not even sure if he really likes us or if he's doing it just to prove a point.

The Band:

Ryan Kosola - Guitar, Vocals, Extensive feedback, Echo Pedal
(that keeps going and going and going...)

Paul Gedbaw - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Chopsticks, Quarters and any other change, Gong
(because Ged does pretty much whatever we ask him to...ladies, keep that in mind)

Justin Connealy - Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Fish, Rocks, Wind Chimes
(Connealy can pretty much learn anything in a short amount of time and make it sound good you might say he can play everything except the ladies)

Taylor Stein - Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Produce (no seriously, check out the orange!)

Derek Vanosdall - Bass, 2 String Banjo, Squirrel Boxing Gloves
(he just loves to fight with Squirrels...ladies, keep THAT in mind)

Other Pictures: