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OLD NEWS: April 29, 2002, Tay performed a solo version of "All We Do Is Lounge" on the University of Nebraska at Omaha student television project "Late Night With Josh Minors." No one will probably ever see this performance, but there were some good compliments after the show...and that's the important thing, the fans of the 10 O'Clock Scholars who didn't actually know they were fans of the 10 O'Clock Scholars went home happy.

BROKEN NEWS: Well, since the Scholars haven't been making music for some time, they've been playing Playstation 2 instead. And, on top of they're old Stanley Cup Championships, they now have a Superbowl Championship ring. In just they're 5th season of the franchise, the Minnesota Vikings won the 2006 Superbowl in Madden 2001 on the arm of Gedbaw and the legs of Kuhl. We'll keep you updated on how the defending Superbowl champs do in they're next season.

BROKE NEWS: Ged, Tay, and D of the 10 O'Clock Scholars, with the help of Fatboy and Fox, just recently won the Stanley Cup Finals in NHL Breakaway '98 for the second straight season on Nintendo 64...thus making them the '99 Stanley Cup Champions. You can still congratulate them in person at their next show if you'd like.
During the '99-'00 season Ryan was brought up from the Dallas Stars minor league system and has since shocked the world. We'll let you know when the Scholars are hoisting the '00 Stanely Cup. 1