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The first time I read read about the Turbo Regals I made a promise to myself that I would own at least one before I died. I have two now and dont plan on stopping any time soon. I still get all mushy at the sight of one of these little babies.
1984 Regal T-Type WH-1
I bought this T-Type for $350, minus the engine and transmission. It now holds a 500 horsepower 357 Chevy small block  and aturbo 350 tranny. It is in the final stages of completion... For now.
1985 Regal Grand National WE-2
my info:
II bought the Grand National off of ebay for $3000, it was suppost to be perfect. By the time it got here I was ready to kill the guy, he lied about everything. the engine was smoked, the transmission did not have a reverse gear, there were rust holes that you could stick your foot through... I was not a happy camper.It will be on the chopping block soon.
Name: Kenson Wilcox
Email: tenoeight@yahoo.com
Comming soon my tribute to the El                                Camino
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