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When your climb up that mighty Mountain and the going gets rough, and you feel the agony of the climb and the way is dark
Cling desperately ever more to your faith in Jesus. Rembering He is the only one this side of Heaven who can give you the courage and strength to face the journey in this life.
The Spirit of God within you was born to be set free, and freedom will come as you bathe in His word and refuse to let go of Him and follow His lead
Love Mother
Tenokley Cattery
This is "Prue" Tri Color Persian
"Katmandoo" Lilac Point  Himalayan
Hi and welcome to our web page, Just to tell you a little about ourselves Our names are Dian & Terry. We have a small cattery  situated about two hours south of Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia.
We have been breeders of Himalayans, Scottish Folds,  Scottish Shorthairs,Exotics and Persians, for the past 13 years, We are great believers in natural breeding and rearing, and aim to breed healthy animals with gentle loving natures, We use, wherever possible, many natural remidies, Our cats are very loving, and very much a part of our home enviroment.
We believe in the natural therapy, the comfort and companionship that a cat can offer, a persons. We have seen, on numerous occasions the difference the cat can make in the life of an individual, giving many lonely people a point of purpose and someone to love.
We believe in the natural stimulating and therapeutic effect, they have on the lives of many a sick lonely and suffering persons. We have seen couples, and shutins  lives turned around simply by having a cat to tend and care for, and have seen the cat in turn, love them, with such a rare and unconditional love. In fact I would go as far as saying we have seen many miracles transpire in the lives of cat owners.
"Maddison" Black Smoked Persian
Kitten Care
Herbal Remedies