James' Police Patch


Hello, my name is James Cantore and I am a Sergeant with the New York City Police Department. I have been collecting patches since October of 1997, and I currently, have about 1000 patches in my collection. I have acquired some nice patches along the way, and I am always looking for a good trade. On the following pages you will find some pictures of patches in my collection and a list along with pictures of my available traders. If anything interests you, please E-Mail me. I also trade NYPD Police Hats for hats from the U.S.A. or other parts of the world. Contact me and lets trade!!!!!

The New York City Police Department is comprised of some 30,000 uniformed members. Police Officers are chosen from an available list of candidates who successfully pass a written examination. Prior to being selected, candidates must complete both a physical and psychological examination. Once completed, you enter the Police Academy where you spend six months training. Upon completion of the Academy, you are assigned to a Field Training Unit, where you get real life experience in a semi controlled environment. This lasts six to ten months. Now you are assigned to your permanent command and assume normal patrol duties. Promotions are granted by successfully passing written tests. The NYPD's ranks are as follows Police Officer, Detective (awarded position), Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Above Captain, rank is awarded by merit. The NYPD has a twenty year retirement policy, so it's a light sentence.