Real name: Gary Michael Miller
Other current aliases: "The Nerd," "You in the Back!"
Dual identity: Publicly known
Current occupation: Writer / artist of TENSEN 2099 and writer of MORBIUS 2099 for 2099 Underground
Former occupations: College student; high school student; writer of THE SPIDER-MAN DOSSIER (w/ Thomas M. Imboden II) and the Eddie Nichols Award-winning "Comic Books and the Mating Habits of the Twentysomething Male"; editor of DOOM 2099, ABOMINATION 2099, and various other goodies and not-so-goodies
Place of birth: Rochester, Pennsylvania, USA
Matiral status: Single (and looking!)
Usual base of operations: In and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Current group membership: The I'm-Better-Than-You-
Are-No-I'm-Not-Oh-Yes-I-Am-Oh-Really-Yeah-Really Inferiority / Superiority Schizophrenic Association of America
Superhuman powers: The ability to solve everyone else's problems but my own
Source of powers: Just luck, I guess...
Special skills: Artist, writer, all-around nice guy
Weapons: #2 pencil, Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Computer, tendency to be an all-around nice guy
First appearance: April 10, 1979

Comics I Enjoy:  Of course there's Justice, but also worth mentioning: Rom (based on the Parker Brothers toy from the late '70s--my pick for most underrated series ever), and the ever-popular Incredible Hulk.  As for individual stories/storylines, the Spider-Man clone saga was one of the best reads, at least till it got too long, and Ben died *sniff*.

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