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As you can see there is a lot of different things to look at here. Not all of it is finished yet, but there is still a lot to see.

In the future, I plan on putting up another reference guide like my one for Doujinshi, only this time it will be for Fantasy Writers like myself. Also watch for my Star Wars Page! I'm going to try really hard to get around to that one of these days! ^_^

Latest Updates
In the Doujinshi Artist's Reference Guide, I have put in an E-card service.

Get your Artwork on one of my E-cards! Details inside the D.A.R. Guide.

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The Doujinshi Artist's Reference Guide
All the information you could possibly need for making Doujinshi.
The Fantasy Writer's Reference Guide
All the information you could possibly need for writing Fantasy. Sorry, Not Up Yet!
My Store. Please drop by! There is TONS to seeSorry, Not Up Yet! See I just Lied to you! There ISNT Tons to see...
Star Wars
Information on Star Wars. Sorry Not Up Yet!
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