Can we say 'hasn't been updated in ages'? Knew you could!
It's me, Celeste, though, actually I'm going by Kanmu-chan now, and, yes I am alive. This site, however, is not.
Truth be told I've never seen Tenshi ni Narumon, I have an Mp3 of the opening song, Datte, Datte, Daisuki Dakara, but that's about it. I found out about the series through a friend. *sweatdrops*
For a while I was very interested in the show, I wanted to see it really bad. In a way I still do, but, as that will be a while in coming, I feel that I should let any visitors know that this site is dead, and most likely will not revive anytime soon.
However, if you are interested in viewing my current, and updated, sites, I invite you to visit my domain, Angel-Whispers.net. My blog, a Card Captor Sakura shrine, my clique, and other things are there, so, if any of that interests you, feel free to visit.
In the mean time, please enjoy The First Noelle, as I'll leave it up as long as Yahoo!GeoCities will. I do appologize for just letting this site sit, but, as I've lost interest, there's no point in it. *bows*

Noelle, who is my favorite and whom this site is dedicated to, is an angel who hasn't gotten her wings. (Some body ring a bell!!). I'll tell you more about her later, for now have fun visiting my site!!

The First Noelle was made by Kanmu-chan on March 25, 2000. It is the fourth site, as far as I know, on the web that is completely dedicated to Tenshi Ni Narumon, and the first, that I know of, to be dedicated to Noelle. Tenshi Ni Narumon was created by.....I can't seem to be able to find out who made this show, as soon as I find out I'll put it down here, but please be aware that no copyright infringments are implied or intended. In other words. I did not create this show!!