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The Lion's Den

Welcome to the new and improved Lion's Den, dedicated to my writing. My name is Becca Flagge, better known as Bunny or Tenshichild. I will take you along through my world. While none of my books are published as of yet, I'm hoping this will change in the near future. If you need to get in touch with me, you can e-mail me anytime here. For now, sit back, and enjoy!

About the Name

My personal homepage has always been named the Lion's Den, though the page itself has gone through several transformations. I got the name through my own story, Becoming. I thought it suited well because while I'm more kitten then lioness, I can be quite the vicious one if you come at me or my friends the wrong way.

The Lion's Den: est. March 16th, 2002

Updates - 8/13/2006

I fixed the actual book pages so that the links to the left work. Thanks to everyone who informed me they were not working. Also, I added a project development page. And anyone who wants to make a new layout, feel free, I'm sick of this one already^^;

Updates - 7/15/2006

Here we go again, yet another incarnation of Lion's Den. I intend to keep it just like this forever more. If you enjoyed looking at my artwork, you can still see it at DeviantArt (username: tenshichild) or visit TLD's sister site, BunnyART!.


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