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Hello and welcome,  I'm Tenshima(Angel Demon) and I'll be your hostess
for your trip around this little place I call home.  As you can see, my
site consists of two shows:  Sailor Moon and The Ronin Warriors;
a.k.a Yoroiden Samurai Troopers.  I'll do my best to supply all that this site may need to grow and flourish into one of the best and I thank you for coming.

I hope to get these updates finished before my new school year starts on the 28th.  After that, the updates in the future will have to be scheduled and will take longer to do but hey; what's a highschool senior to do?!
Here's what to look for now:

**VERY NEW** Ronin Wallpapers
Gen Masho Rajura is now up in the Ronin Image Gallery
Usagi and Mamuro Family Page is now up in the Senshi Image Gallery
* Ryo, Shin, and Rowen are now in the Ronin Bios section
More sites
Awards and Adoptions have been posted (No awards yet, just adoptions)

Still to come....

**Random Acts of Smacks
**Remodeling will be finished

**Things to enjoy**

Other things to enjoy:

Awards and Adoptions

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I want to give some shout outs to my friends; Alaina, Keara, Mirna, Taryn, Brianna the Cheese Nugget, Heather and Amber.  You guys have helped me in so many ways, I could never thank you enough.
I would also like to thank Lifetaker and all those apart of the Ronin Fortress; You guys are the best!
Rii-chan,  my fellow lover of the Warlords, be sure to keep the usual watch over them; you know how rowdy the can get ~.^ !!

                  You are the

to have entered here.

If you have any questions about anything or you have any suggestions to make this site better feel free to e-mail me.