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Welcome, this is the page for the RPG: Rai Sedai Kain. Rai Sedai Kain is roughly translated to - The Next Generation to Cause Trouble.
Please feel free to look around at the pages and if you like then fill out an application and join. Thanks a bunch
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Rai Sedai Kain

=  OK there is now an age limit on this RPG for the rest of the applicants. This is now officially a Rated R game! So only 17+

= After having recieved many applications from people who have not even read the site. So please, before you send in an application read all of the site and even look through the other applications for examples on what is needed.

   = I'm no longer going to take applications for children who have nothing to do with the parents or who ran away from their family at a young age. Aeka and Sasami's children would never run away from home! And I'm also not going to put up with siblings who hate each other anymore.