Welcome to the home of the 10th MooN Gaming Federation. We are a supposedly talented group of individuals who enjoy a good video game every now and then. We come from a strong bloodline of strategy and role playing games. So, what game is currently on our minds? City Of Heroes! Yeah! We only recruit the best so you can only expect the best. If you would like to be considered for acceptance please visit our Join page and fill out the application. If you have any questions please send us an email >>>> tenth_moon2002@yahoo.com

  • (5-12-03)About the post just below this one.....YEAH FRICKEN RIGHT!!! and YES we are still here!
  • (10-9-02)Beta approaches(3 months from now that is :P)...I think we should put some thought as to how we should conduct ourselves as a team when it comes out. We should impliment a strategy. Lets voice your ideas in the members forum! :)
  • (9-1-02)Please welcome Wavelength to the Fed! Check him out in our members section...Cheers! :)
  • (8-23-02)Wow, its been ummm, more than a month. Bah! news is shmooze. Anynow, we are planning on holding an rp tourneyment in the roleplay forum soon. Check our coh board or our private boards for details as they come out!!! :D
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