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The 10th Illinois is a reenactment, living history and competitive shooting regiment based in the greater Chicagoland area.

The regiment is one of the founding members of the 1st Illinois Battalion. Our unit participates in many local and regional reenactments and living histories, we also try to do 1  "away trip" a year.

We portray Co H which was raised in the area of The City of Sandwich-DeKalb County,Illinois, they fought in the western theater from the very begining when the President called for 90 day troops, to the end of the war partaking in Gen. Sherman's infamous "March to the Sea". If you like to know more about the original 10th Illinois, see our
links page.

We are a family based unit and we invite all members of the family to attend our events, as we have our wives, girlfriends, daughters,, and sons in either our military or civilian ranks.

If this sounds like something you would like to participate in or would just like to see, feel free to contact us, check our schedule of events.
Thank you again for visiting our site.