Port City of Tentium

Tentium, is a modest Port on the West side, and the second largest city on the Isle of Tyros. I am the Panther Woman, Huricane. During a time of civil unrest, most of the residents disappeared.The former Ubar, Stormtiger, gifted the rule of this lovely city to Me,when He took an Absence from Gor.

Tentium now has several Free that call Tentium Home,Alucard,DK who is FS of the Home as well as my beloved sita....

After spending much of my Time roaming Gor on my own,even becoming a Resident of En`Kara,I met a very intriguing FM,after testing him and finding him worthy of my Trust I agreed to become his Companion.His Name is SkyyFyre,Ruler of the TarnsClan...I now reside most of my Waking Hours in his private Home online.He continues to bring Me much Joy and Happiness.As of March 17th 2004 My Companion SkyyFyre and I reside together R/L in His Home in the UK...

All are welcome..Respect a must..To thine own self be true.Panthers welcomed...

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