Welcome, traveller, and may you find what you seek here. This is the home of the elf, Tenuch Deamonstryke... His friends, Darthan Na'toran and Kain Vendragone... and his family; Asia, Jalini, Rogue, Sorrow, Tarin, Katie, and Ness.
Tenuch Deamonstryke
Darthan Na'toran
Ceyne Vendragone
Pj Adams
For others, I have included below a list of my favorite sites. These are the ones I visit every day, and most likely will be found chatting/downloading at.
Time Disorder
The Cult of Kefka Reviews and Roms
Exploitation Now (Adult Content, kiddies)
Tessim Ro'Jetthe
So scary, it's almost real...
It's still in beta-test phase, but WOW!