Strathroy Aikido
Wecome to the Tenwakan dojo, in Strathroy, Ontario. Home of Strathroy Aikido.

Aikido is a unique martial art that is distinguished by it's circular sweeping motions.

Rather than stopping energy, Aikido allows one to redirect or neutralize an opponent's energy, thus rendering it harmless.

Students come from all walks of life and include Moms, Dads & kids. In addition,  workers in Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Transportation, Communications, and Hospitality, are regular students.

Not only is Aikido an effective self defence for all ages, it's just plain fun!


Children & Adult Classes are held Monday & Wednesday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. In addition, some weekday times are now available!

Call (519) 246-9797 for details.

Have a look below at our recent Kenjutsu
Workshop, featuring guest instructor
Cameron Sensei from Toronto:

A New Black Belt
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