Teofana's tapestries and other crafts

My name is Teofana Beckwith, and I like to make
by hand many different things.
I like to crochet and to knit, but I like most the
embroidery. The most difficult and beautiful
embroideries I prepare are the tapestries, knows
also as "gobelins". All of them are made in the
petit point technique, using very fine fabric and
threads. Every sq. inch of this kind of tapestry has
484 stiches, so it is a time and work consumming

If you want to make by yourself some of the tapestries shown here, or to
order many extremely beautiful models, visit the link below:

There is a link to a site offering many interesting things for the embroidery lover. If
you are looking for nice cross-stitch patterns you may want to order,
click here.

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When I moved in USA, I was surprised to discover that the art of gobelin tapestry
embroidery is completely unknown here. Even there is not a separate name for it -
somebody thinks it's a cross-stitch, somebody calls it needlepoint. Even when I needed
some more fabric for one of my project, I asked in about 15 stores, and nobody knew
the exact name of it. I had chance to meet a very old lady, who was stitching more
than 50 years, and she said me that the fabric I use cannot be found in USA, but I can
replace it with a plain Hardanger fabric. The other possibility I could use was to order
the fabric from Europe.
Part of the tapestries I have made are embroidered according the world's most famous
Wiehler tapestries, part are designed from a new and very talented Bulgarian
designer, Stoyanka Ivanova (owner of the firm
Solaria) and the rest of them is my
own design. I can also make tapestries from your own custom design.
I would like make them available to people who would be interested to have them as
home decoration, or to offer a precious gift to a relative, friend or business partner.
All the tapestries are made on fine cotton fabric with DMC threads, framed with nice
frames, selected carefully for every one, and will become treasured heirlooms.
I offer here some of the pictures of the tapestries I have previously made. If you are
interested, please
contact me.

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