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Teodor C. Tan,
the Diplom Kaufmann & Business Engineer,
studied at the University of Kiel and
specializes in Software Engineering .
Since 1980 I have been learning languages such
as German, Svenska, French and Danish.
Now there's a switch to a different
sort of "language"!

Meine Deutsche Erfahrungen:


Moin! Moin!
Waehrend der Studien in Kiel drehte sich das Leben um Reiten, Schwedisch, Segeln in der Foerde und Tanzen. Mein Interesse in Tanz Kultur.

Ich wuerde mich freuen, wenn Ihr Euch in mein GaesteBuch eintragt!

Mina Svenska Erfaerenhet

Jag laere mig svenska i universitet Kiel. Nu bo jag igen in Tyskland. I September 2003 har jag besoekt sodra sverige. Mer senara.
svenska flagga

Mit Liv i Danmark

My Adventures in England

It was a stippvisit to England and Ireland. Wonder when the next trip will be. Made a short excursion Hamburg Harwich at the end of May 2000.

the Union Jack

Other Interests

Ballroom Dancing and Latin are still my favorites. For example, Tango and Waltz are both dances I have learnt in Berlin. If interested skip to: This is something I will be finding time for. Have done horseback riding in Kiel, have sailed in the Baltic Sea. Would be great to have a schooner and enjoy wonderful sailing days. Now that I have completed two German degrees it's time to earn for the future Sorry, but your browser doesn't seem to support java.

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